Consists of a tool that once activated, requires that any email sent, whose address is not on your whitelist, needs to respond to a verification message, before the message is delivered to you.

To enable BoxTrapper:

1. Access the Control Panel.
2. Locate and click on the icon named BoxTrapper.
3. On the next page click on the "Manage" link in the line corresponding to the account to activate the feature.
4. On the screen that opens, click the "Enable" button.
Additional BoxTrapper features:

Configure Settings - Lets you define which e-mail addresses are associated with the BoxTrapper and also how many logs and queue messages are kept. It's important to understand that even if BoxTrapper is turned on and the auto whitelist is turned off, ANY email address to which you send messages will automatically be added to the whitelist without your interaction.

Edit confirmation messages - Allows you to change the different messages that users will receive when sending messages to an account with BoxTrapper enabled. Note that you should only change the Subject fields and the body of the message. The automatic messages available are verify, blacklist, verifyreleased, returnverify.

Edit white / black / ignore lists - You can create senders' address lists that will be automatically accepted after an initial check (white lists), ignored senders (ignore list), whose messages are automatically removed and the blacklist, Which is a list of addresses that can not send you messages. The difference from the ignore list is that the sender of the blacklisted address will also receive a warning message regarding your preference.

Redirection list - Allows you to redirect emails that have passed the Boxtrapper authentication to another address.

Review log - Provide an overview of all messages sent to your email accounts for each day.

Review Queue - Lets you view the queue of messages that are awaiting verification by the sender.

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