Changing MX Entries

You can use the MX Entries Maintenance function to change the location where the domain email is delivered. This allows you to have email from one domain delivered to another domain. Changing your MX entry will change the MX values ​​of your domain's DNS records.

1. Select the domain / subdomain to which you want to apply the changes.

2. Specify the type of message routing that will be affected. The default is Automatically Detect Configuration: Local (recommended) - Detect Configuration Automatically (recommended). Do not change this setting if you do not know exactly what you are doing, since this pattern is applicable in most cases.

3. In the "Priority" and "Destination" fields, enter the priority that the alternate server will have and its MX address. Particularly in the case of the destination address, this value must be reported by the provider on which the server / domain is hosted.

4. Click "Add New Record." You can include different MX destinations, but in most cases, only one is sufficient.

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