How do I enable SpamAssassin?

SpamAssassin is an automated e-mail filtering system that attempts to identify spam based on the content of e-mail headers and bodies. By default, this feature is disabled and if you want to have a powerful and efficient SPAM filter in your account, you must enable it.

1. In your Control Panel, click the icon named "SpamAssassin".

2. The first information that appears is the status of SpamAssassin (On / Off). If you wish to activate it, just below this information, there is the "Enable SpamAssassin" button, which must be clicked.

3. In the Select field below, there is the selection of scores that a message must reach to be classified as SPAM. The default is a score of 5 points. Decreasing this score or score (less than 5) increases the accuracy of a message as SPAM. On the other hand, increasing this score (more than 5), decreases the rigor in the classification of a message regarding the possibility of being SPAM.

4. There are also two buttons that can be used to automatically remove a message that is classified as SPAM - "Automatic SPAM Exclusion / Disable Automatic SPAM Exclusion".

5. If you do not want messages that are classified as SPAM to be removed or returned to your sender, you must enable the following feature by clicking "Enable Spam Box". This will create a folder specifically designed to receive all messages classified as SPAM.

6. If there is a SPAM BOX enabled, you can remove all your content by clicking on the "Clear Spam Box" button.

7. The last button - "Configure SpamAssassin" - should not be used unless you are fully aware of advanced or more specific filter settings. Its use is not recommended.

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