How to create a domain redirection?

1. Go to Control Panel and click the "Redirects" option.

2. On the next screen under "Add Redirection", define whether the targeting will be temporary or permanent. A permanent redirect (301) will notify the visitor's browser to update any bookmarks that have the address of the redirected domain. Temporary redirects (302) do not update browser bookmarks.

3. Next define which domain either the rule applies to, or to which address within the domain.

4. In this step you must inform to which address (URL) the browser will be directed.

5. Three options are possible in this step:

    * Redirect addresses typed with www;
    * Redirect any address with or without www;
    * Do not redirect addresses with www;

6. "Redirect General Character"
Selecting this checkbox will redirect all files within a directory to the same file within the redirected directory.

Note: You can not use the "Redirect General Character" option to redirect your domain to a directory within your site.

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