How to Create a Subdomain

Subdomains are URLs to different sections on your site. They use your primary domain and a prefix. For example, if your domain is "", a subdomain possibility may be "". So, to create a subdomain:

1. Go to the control panel and click the "Subdomains" option.

2. On the "Create a Subdomain" screen, in the "Subdomain" line, fill in the field with the name of the prefix that you want to create.

2. Click the field below the subdomain prefix that you just created and it will automatically be filled with "/ public_html / PASTE".
If you prefer you can change the subdomain (PASTA), by another name, which in this case will be the name of the folder created and to which the browser will be directed with that domain (

3. Below is a table listing the subdomains you have.
Among the available options, you can:

    * Click on the Root Document, and it will automatically open in a new window of your browser the File Manager, directly in the directory that has just been created
    * Click on "Manage Redirection", which will open a window where you must enter the URL to which you want to redirect the subdomain. It is optional.
    * Click on "Remove", that the corresponding subdomain will be removed. It is important to note that the created folder, as well as any files you have created in it, will still exist. To remove, you need to use the 'File Manager'.

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