How to redirect a pointed / parked domain to a subdomain?

1. First, you need to have the subdomain created.

2. Go to the control panel and click on the "Aimed / Parked Domains" option.

3. On the next screen under "Create a New Parked Domain", you must fill in the field with the domain you want to point to (remember, the domain should be without http: //). Then click "Add Domain."

Note: The domain can not be created as an add-on in your control panel, otherwise the pointing will not work.

4. After the message that the domain was successfully created appears, click the "Back" button.

5. Again, you will be on the "Aimed / Parked Domains" page. Find the domain you just created and click "Manage Redirection" in the "Actions" column.

6. On the next page, under "Station Domain Redirection", fill in the field with the Subdomain that you want to point to the new domain.

Note: The subdomain must be filled with "HTTP: //" and without the "WWW.".

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