Adding an FTP account

FTP Accounts allow you to gain access to the space intended for your site through a protocol called FTP. It is necessary that you have an FTP client to access your files.

To log in using the program you need to configure it with your user ID, which is usually and your password, which is provided in the confirmation email of your subscription.

An FTP account creates a folder at the public_html level of your site, which allows external users who know the password to upload and upload files from this site. Change your password if you suspect that your account is being used incorrectly.

Note: Please remember that all users with the correct password will be able to add, edit and delete files from the directory that you specified for FTP, consider any directory within the declared directory.

To add an FTP account:
1. Access the control panel under "FTP Accounts".

2. On the next screen under "Add FTP Account" Enter the FTP account name in the Login field and the password for the account in the Password field.

3. Click the "Directory" field to automatically enter the path to the directory to which this FTP account will have access.

Attention: If you enter the root-level address of the web site directly (/), all users with the correct password will be able to add, edit, and delete all files on your site.

It is advisable to limit an FTP account to a smaller section of your site.

3. Click the "Create FTP Account" button.

You can also change passwords for accessing your FTP account, deleting them, and downloading the settings for two free FTP programs for Windows and one for Mac.

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