Erro 500 - Internal Server Error

Error 500 may be displayed when accessing the site or its application for various reasons, including incorrect permission, invalid instruction in the .htaccess file, and so on. This is usually not a server problem, and the error can be corrected by following the steps below:


1. Verify that the directories are with 755 permission and 644 files. If it is not, you can change accessing the account by any FTP program or by the File Manager of the control panel.


- Files: 644
- Directories / Folders: 755

2. Many Joomla, Wordpress and others systems / plugins require that the permission be 777, in MFORMULA it is not necessary, for your security and the server, always keep the permission mentioned above and everything will function normally.

.htaccess file

1. Check the lines if they have PHP statements like "php_flag" or "php_value" and comment with # or remove. Any configuration of php.ini, you can do directly through the control panel in the "PHP Config" option.

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