How to create a Facebook page?

Before creating a Facebook page, you need to have a personal account (profile). If you do not have this account yet, click here to create your Facebook account. If you already have it, let's go to 5 steps of how to make a Facebook page.

Step 1 - Logging in to create fanpage on Facebook
Access the Facebook site and sign in with your personal account. Then go to and you're ready to create your Facebook page.

Step 2 - Selecting the type of page to be created
Select which type of fanpage you want to create on Facebook. Generally, this will depend on the type of company that will be disclosed. For ease of understanding, a short description of each page type follows.

Local or Local Business

It is used to create pages of commercial establishments such as restaurants, snack bars, bars, ballads, bakeries, hotels, cinemas, airports, etc. If you have one of these establishments, it is very important that you create a page, because through Facebook Places people can check that they are in your establishment at that moment, and this information is sent to their friends and may be a kind of free advertisement.

If this is your business, select the first option, fill in the requested data, check the option to accept the terms to create a fan page on Facebook and click the Start button.
Company, organization or institution

This option is used when creating pages for business in general. Most service companies fit this fanpage profile, for example, insurance brokerage, consultancies, advertising agencies, engineering, architectural office, etc.

If this item fits your business, click it, fill in the category and company name fields, accept the terms to create a Facebook page, and click the Start button.
Brand or Product

If you want to create a page to advertise a brand or a specific product, it is this item that you should click. Generally, it is used by large companies to advertise their products. For example, Coca-Cola has a fanpage for each soft drink in its line. However, there is nothing to stop the small business marketing department from releasing its products separately from the company's main fanpage.

If you want to advertise your brands or products, click on this item, fill in the category and name fields, accept the terms to create a fanpage on Facebook and click on the Start button.
Artist, band or public figure

Artist, band or public figure, as the name says, is intended to create pages for famous people.

If this is your case, click on this item, fill in the category and name fields, accept the terms to create a Facebook page and click the Start button.

This item is most commonly used for entertainment events such as shows, movies, music, etc.

To register for one of these items, select the Entertainment item, fill in the category field and the name field, accept the terms to create a fanpage on Facebook, and click on Start.
Cause or Community

Step 3 - Inserting an image, information and URL to the page
Now it's time to select the image or an avatar, as it is called, that will represent your fanpage. In this step, you can choose the image in two ways: either by uploading a file from your own computer, or by selecting a website and Facebook itself will do the work. Select the form that best meets your need, and then click the Next button. Do not forget to choose a very interesting image for your Facebook page, as it will make a lot of difference in the success or failure of your page.

Note: The image size should be 180 × 180 pixels.

Now enter some information about your business and the address of your website. In this step, you can also add other website addresses such as: Twitter, Blogs, Pinterest, etc. Clicking the Add another site item. After finishing the process, click the Save information button.

And finally, enter a default URL for your fanpage. This URL will help in the disclosure of your page, since when you access it, a user will enter directly into your fanpage. Prefer short names, but explain what exactly that page is. After entering the desired address, click the Set Address button.

If you want to disclose a cause or create a community of people to exchange information on Facebook, it is this option that you should choose.

If this is your intention, select the Cause or Community item, fill in the field with the name, accept the terms to create a Facebook page and click the Start button.

Step 5 - Last page creation step
You are coming to the end of the article like creating a Facebook page. This page creation step is meant to enjoy the page, getting fans - which is one of the main goals of a page in F

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