How to insert into my website the Login with your Facebook account?

01) Access:

02) After clicking Log In

03) After login click on Apps

04) After clicking the Create New Application button

In the Box fill in:


Select App Category:

After clicking the Continue button

05) After clicking the Edit Application button

06) After clicking on Site with Facebook Login

Fill in the Box:

Site URL:

07) After clicking the Save Changes button

Copy App ID and Secret App

08) Access the Control Panel

09) After Login click Configuration >> Network Social

Edit Facebook Application ID and enter App ID

EditeFacebook API KEy and Facebook Secret, enter the Secret App

Edit Use Facebook Connect

Ready ! The Connect button with your Facebook account is set up.

If you have difficulties, add our user giving this permission, after creating a ticket on our help desk requesting that mformula perform this process for you.

How to give user permission on facebook:

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