How to configure the Bling API?

About Bling:
Bling is an online system that integrates several tools that can help solve major management problems in a small business.

The Nickel Plan is always free and the modules are available for Financial Control, Sales and Stock Control.

In the Chrome Plan, in addition to the features of the Nickel plan, you will also have more room for data, create more users, issue bank statements and work orders.

From the Cobalto plan, the Bling provides the electronic invoice module (NFe), integration with virtual stores, mailing labels and you can also provide your vendors with an interface for ordering and commission control.

In the Titanium plan, in addition to the previous features, you can also exchange data with your bank by importing and exporting remittance and return files in CNAB format.


Go to

Step 1: Create an account or visit your account

Bling remarks: The Key API generation module is automatically released in the plans from the Cobalt

Step 2: After login click on Tools >> Company Parameters >> Click on Virtual Store Settings >> Select Enable Integration MFORMULA

Step 3: After obtaining the App ID. Go to Settings >> Bling. Edit the App ID field

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