How to configure the Tiny ERP API?

About tiny erp

An enterprise resource management system that assists in solving key management problems in a small business.

The ideal business management system to manage micro and small businesses of the most varied segments.

Sales management
Manage your sales generated from your ecommerce or orders placed online by internal or external vendors.

Inventory Management
Manage your integrated stock to your sales orders and purchase management.

Financial management
Manage your incoming and outgoing accounts in an integrated way with cash and bank accounts.

Issue Electronic Tax NFes (NFes) and send DANFE and XML directly to your customers.

Go to

Step 1: Create an account or visit your account

Step 2: After login click Settings >> E-commerce >> Platform >> After click Generate Access Key

Step 3: After obtaining the Access Key. Go to the Control Panel >> Settings >> Tiny ERP. Edit the Tiny ERP Token field

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