Import by XML file New Products or Upgrade / Synchronization of Large-Scale Product Inventory

01) Access the Control Panel

02) After login click on Catalog> Import and Update Product Feeds

03) Download sample XML file

04) Click Insert, fill in the fields:

Feed Name: XML
Provider: XML (Add new case not listed)
URL or File: URL
Percentage to increase in price: Define the percentage of profit on the price of the wholesale product
Currency of the Feed: Real Brasil - BRL or the currency in force of the feed xml
Status: Active
Do not import products from the feed categories: If you are not interested in selling or importing products of a certain category, please fill in this field, as shown on the page
Status of Products on Import: Active

05) After clicking the Insert button

06) To import the products and synchronize the stock click on the Load Feed link (Recommended click once not to overload the server, if you overload the server your account is subject to suspension or blocking, it is recommended to hire a dedicated server, vps or cloud ). To update stock, click the Load Feed link. Update the stock once a week or once a day at less access times, between 10pm and 6am.

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