How to update the price of several products?

01) Access the Control Panel

02) After login click on Catalog

Option 1:

03) After Click Multiple Product Administration

Select the category or subcategory

Select the products you want to change

At the bottom of the right side select Change price

Select + or -

Select% or blank to change by value

Fill in the field next to it is only accepted numbers. Example: 10

Warning: this process is irreversible

04) After clicking on the CONFIRM button

Option 2: (This feature has usage limitations on the shared plan due to server overhead)

03) After clicking Quick Updates

Select the category or subcategory

In the field (+/-) Value or rate type by example: 10, 15%, -20, -25%

After clicking the VIEW button

After unchecking the products you do not want to update the price

After clicking on the UPDATE button

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