My Store Page Settings

Store Name: Fill in the name of the store.

Phone Call: Fill out the contact phone and store sale.

Show MSN: Select True to True and False to False, option to view MSN in Store.

MSN: Populate the store contact msn if Show MSN is set to True to True.

Show Skype: Select True to True and False to False, option to view Skype in the store.

SKYPE: Fill in the store contact skype if Show SKYPE is set to True to True.

Store Owner: Name of Store or Store Owner.

Store Logo: Option to upload the Store logo.

Office Picture: Option to upload the store photo, to be viewed on the Contact page.

Office Picture Active and Inactive: Select True to True and False to False, option to view the store photo.

E-Mail Address: Store contact email.

E-Mail From: Store contact email, when a server. Example: Micro ... ') "onmouseout =" return nd (); "> client receives email for reply.

Country: Country of origin of the store.

Zone: Store's home state.

Expected Sort Order: This is the sort order used in the expected products box.

Expected Sort Field: The column to sort by expected products in the box.

Switch To Default Language Currency: Automatically change the language to the currency of the country.

View faq in product page: View the FAQ on the product page.

Mobile Site: View the Website for Mobile, only for customers who have contracted service.

Full Categories and Sub-Categories or Drop Down Categories: Choose to view in the left menu between Drop Down or Full categories and subcategories.

Switch To Default TimeZone: Automatically switch to the default time zone.

Send Extra Order Emails To: Send extra to the following e-mail addresses to this address: Name 1, Name 2

Display Cart After Adding Product: Display the shopping cart after adding a product (or returning to its source)

Allow Guest To Tell A Friend: Allow customers to tell a friend about a product.

Default Search Operator: Search operators default

Store Address and Phone: Fill in the name of the store, address and phone number used in printed and online documents.

Show Category Counts: Count recursively how many products are in each category

Tax Decimal Places: Pad the fiscal value of this number of decimal places

Display Prices with Tax: Display prices with associated taxes (real) or add tax at the end (false)

Order Editor- Display Payment Method dropdown ?: Show payment methods in order as dropdown menu (true) or as input field (false)

Display "Other" Referral option: Show "Other - Specify" with text box in source routing in creation account

Display Referral options if "ref = ###" is set: Show delivery selection suspended in source batch creation account when "ref = ###" is set

Minimum Order Amount: The minimum purchase must be a total to be able to finalize the purchase. Empty means no minimum value.

Display Minimum Order Amount: Enable minimum purchase.

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