How to set up automatic update of several products in Cnova Marketplace from the latest updated products?

01) Access the Control Panel

02) After login click on Configuration >> Cnova

Select Enable Cnova Marketplace Auto Products Update

Change to true and click the UPDATE button

- - - -

Select Cnova Marketplace Number of Auto Products Update

Set the total amount of products to be updated at a time, recommended maximum of 100 not to overload your server and free market

- - - -

Select Cnova Marketplace Last Days of Auto Products Update

Set the days of the latest updated products

Example: 5

Refers to products updated from the last 5 days

- - - -

Go to the Control Panel >> Catalog >> Cnova Marketplace

Click Automatically Update Multiple Products to process updates for multiple products at once

You can configure a crontab for the link so that this process is automatic

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