How do I configure automatic update of multiple products in the B2W Marketplace of the latest updated products?

01) Access the Control Panel

02) After login click on Configuration >> B2W

Select Enable B2W Marketplace Auto Products Update

Change to true and click the UPDATE button

- - - -

Select B2W Marketplace Number of Auto Products Update

Set the total amount of products to be updated at one time, recommended maximum of 100 to not overload your server and the B2W Marketplace

- - - -

Select B2W Marketplace Last Days of Auto Products Update

Set the days of the latest updated products

Example: 5

Refers to products updated from the last 5 days

- - - -

Access the Control Panel >> Catalog >> B2W Marketplace

Click Automatically Update Multiple Products to process updates for multiple products at once

You can configure a crontab for the link so that this process is automatic

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