How to Publish Products in Google Shopping Automatic Capture

1) Access the Control Panel

2) After login click on Store Feeds

3) On the Froogle line click to generate the Google feed file. Save the txt file to your computer.

4) After you join

5) On the Side menu click Data Feeds

6) After clicking on New Data Feed

7) Select the Country Brazil type the name of the file froogle.txt in the field of the File Feed

8) After clicking Manual Upload, select the froogle.txt file that was saved on your computer

9) After clicking Create

10) Select frequency to be auto capture

The feed URL should be:

11) After you request by E-mail or Help Desk to automatically create the Google Shopping Feed XML file Daily / Weekly / Monthly

* It is important to make this request, product data will not be automatically updated in the Google Shopping Feed XML file

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