How to configure the Buscape Marketplace API integration?

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Step 1:

Make your registration at Buscapé Marketplace

Step 2: Send an email to

Subject: [Platform Name] - [Shop's Custom Name]


Integrator: MFORMULA.NET
Store: [Store's Custom Name]
Company Name: [business name of store]
Date of acceptance [Date of acceptance on the platform]
Callback URL: [Callback URL]
Inventory URL: [Inventory URL]
App token: [Platform Token]

In the Callback URL field fill in:[USER]&secret=[SECRET]
Define the [USER] and [SECRET] in the Control Panel >> Configuration >> Marketplace Busy >> Access User API CallBack Buscapé Marketplace and Secret Access API CallBack Buscapé Marketplace

Step 3:

After getting the app-token and auth-token

Go to Settings >> Buscapé Marketplace.

Edit the app-token and auth-token fields

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