How to set up an email account in Mozilla Thunderbird?

01. Open the account wizard from the File menu> New> Account
02. Select Email account
03. Click Next.
04. Fill in your name and the email address of
Click Next.
06. Select POP
07. In the field Receive messages by this server put
08. If there is the field Send messages by this SMTP server, fill in
9. Click Next.
10. In Username fill in your email. Example:
11. If the SMTP Server User Name field exists, repeat the value from the previous step
12. Click Next.
13. In the Account Name fill in any name. Example: Name of Person / Name Company
14. Click Next.
15. Click Finish.
16. At this point, you will be able to receive your emails. Continue to set up sending messages
17. Open the Tools menu> Set Up Accounts
18. Click Sending Server (SMTP) in the left pane
19. Click Add
20. In the Description field fill in: Company Name (or any other description)
21. In the Server field fill in
22. Check Server Requires Authentication
23. Fill in username with your email Example:
24. Click OK
25. You should now associate the new SMTP server with the e-mail account.
26. In the left pane, select the main item for the account
27. The screen with your default identity (your name and email) will appear.
28. In the Push Server (SMTP) option, select the server you just added

Is ready. Now click on the Receive button and receive your messages

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