How to configure IncrediMail?

1. Open IncrediMail and click on the menu "Tools> Accounts".

2. The "Accounts" window will appear. Click the "Add" button. Clicking "Add" will bring up the "Account Settings" window in which the "I will configure the settings alone" field will be selected and then click "Next".

3. On the next screen, complete the fields as follows:

Your name is: Enter the name that you want to appear in the Sender field when you are sending an email.
Your email: enter your email account

Then click "Next."

4. On the next screen, complete the fields as follows:
Message Server being Received:
Message Server being sent:

Once you have filled in the fields, click "Next" to proceed to the next step.

5. In the "User name" field, type:
Note: It is mandatory to put the complete email, the password is the one that you used in the creation of the account in the Control Panel. Now click "Finish".

6. Click the "Ok" button to complete this step.

7. After finalizing the configuration of your account, will open a window with the name of the accounts configured in your IncrediMail, select the newly created account and click on "Properties". In the window that appears, you must click Servers, and check the box "My server requires authentication". Just click "OK" and IncrediMail will already be configured.

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