How to configure Evolution?

1. Open Evolution, click the "Edit> Preferences" and "Mail Accounts" menu, click "Add".

2. On the next screen, click "Next" and fill in the "Full Name, E-mail Address and check the box" Make this my own account "after" Next ".

3. Then complete as instructed:

Server Type: POP
Use secure connection: No encryption
Authentication Type: Password

Now check "Remember password" and click "Next".

4. In "Reception Options" the features are optional, however, we recommend checking the item "Check for new messages every 10 minutes".

5. On the next screen under "Server Type", select the "SMTP" option. In "Server" enter "", check the "Server requires authentication" and "Next" option.

6. Enter the name you want to call this account, then click "Next" and "Apply."

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