How to configure Windows Live Mail?

1. Open Windows Live Mail. Click the "Tools> Accounts" menu, on the right side of the next screen in the "Add ..." option.

2. In the window that appears, click "Email account" and then "Next".

3. On the next screen, complete the fields as follows:


Note: If you want to always access without entering your password, choose the "Remember Password" option.

4. In the field below, write your display name when sending a message through this email. Check the option "Manually configure server settings for the email account".

5. On the next screen, fill in the fields as follows:

My incoming mail server is a server: choose the "POP3" option.
Incoming Server:
Log on using: select the "Unencrypted Text Authentication" option
Logon ID (if different from email address): complete email (eg,
Outgoing server:

Check the "My outgoing server requires authentication" option and click "Next".

6. On the next screen, click "Finish". Ready! Now just carry out a test of sending and receiving.

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