How to configure Windows Mail?

1. Open Windows Mail, click "Tools> Accounts".

2. On the next screen, click "Add".

3. Click "Email Account" and then "Next."

4. On the next screen, add your display name and click "Next."

5. On the next screen, enter your full email address and click "Next"

6. Next, fill in the data as follows:

E-mail Incoming Server Type: Select "POP3"
Mail inbox server:
Name of the outgoing mail server:

Then check "The outgoing server requires authentication" and click "Next".

7. On the next screen fill in as follows:

E-mail User Name: Enter your full e-mail address

After you have completed click "Next".

8. On the next screen, click "Finish". Ready! Now just carry out a test of sending and receiving.

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