How to set up Apple Mail on Mac?

1. First open Apple Mail, then click the blue seal icon with an eagle in the Dock. On the next screen, click the menu "Mail> Preferences".

2. Click the "Accounts> +" icon at the bottom of the left window to add a new account.

3. Select "POP" as "Account type", type a name for the account in the "Account description" field, and also write your full name and email address.

4. Fill in the fields as follows:

Incoming mail server:
Your password: Password

Then, when you have completed everything, click the "Continue" button.

5. On the next screen, under "Authentication> Password"

6. Then fill in the fields as follows:

Outgoing mail server:
Click "Use Authentication"
Your password: Password

After filling in the fields, click "Continue".

8. Read the summary of settings and click "Continue" to complete the e-mail settings in Apple Mail.

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