Publish site via FTP software (Filezilla)

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a basic form of transmission and reception of files between computers on the Internet. All sites stored on MFORMULA automatically gain (at no additional cost) a name and password so that you can transfer files to the server at any time. The FTP server name is the client's own domain name (ex:

FTP program suggestion:
* Filezilla - click here to download

How to connect using the Filezilla quick connection:

To connect using Filezilla's quick connect, follow the steps below:

1- Inform the host:
2 - User: your_user
3- Password: FTP password

You can also configure the account so that you do not have to enter the data for each connection.

To configure the connection follow the steps below:

1- File menu, Site Manager option

2- Click on the New Site button and enter the name of your site, on the right hand side fill in:
Door: 21
Server Type: FTP - File Transfer Protocol
Login Type: Normal
User: your_user
Password: FTP password
3- Click the OK button

4- To make the connection, just click on the connection icon (located just below the File menu)

Upload / Download files through Filezilla:

To upload files and / or folders from your computer to the server, simply drag the file (s) on the left side to the right side or right-click and select the "Send" option. If you want to download it, just do it the other way, that is, from right to left.

NOTE: On the left side are the folders (1) and your files (2) on your computer, and on the right side the folders (3) and files (4) of your server.

Disabling Passive Mode:

To disable passive mode in Filezilla:

1- File menu, Site Manager option
2- Select your site on the left side of the screen
3- Click the Download Settings tab, select the Default option

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