How do I create a phone order?

01. Click the Customers> Order by Phone menu.
02. Click the create button.
03. Select a customer and confirm (if he already registered in the store)
04. If you are not registered, you must fill out the form with the customer data.
05. In Choose currency, choose the currency and confirm.
06. On the next page, choose the form of payment, and click the first refresh button on the page.
06. Now you will choose the product of the order, click on add product, after chosen, to confirm click on add.
07. In the field Discount, Shipping and Total, you can place the freight price, give discounts, subtract credit if the person has with the store.
Follow the example:
/ Freight / 12.50
08. After placing your order in the field, click on the updated search form in the box above.
09. Click details at the top of the page to return to the order.

* Now the request is created, you only need to send the information to the client's email in the comment field you can create this email.
Do not forget to mark the square to notify the customer, if it is not marked, the comment is visible only to store administrators.

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