How to install koin payment module - post paid?

01) Create an account with koin, go to:

02) After approval of the account access the Control Panel

03) After login click Modules >> Payment >> Koin >> Install

04) After installing click on Edit

05) We recommend to do initial approval test, in the field Sandbox Test or Production select Test

Fill in the fields: Consumer Key and Secret Key will be provided by Koin.

06) After clicking the UPDATE button

07) Simulate a purchase by selecting Koin payment method

08) After completing the purchase successfully, access the Control Panel >> Customers >> Orders

Check if the request is correct and being carried out OnLine consultation

09) After everything is correct, change in Modules >> Payment >> Koin >> Edit

In the Sandbox Test or Production field select Production.

You can now receive payments with Koin, if you have any doubts, please contact Koin directly:

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