How to activate and install the MercadoSvios?

01) Activate the market submissions in your paid market account, access:

02) After accessing the Control Panel >> Modules >> Payment >> Market Payment

Check the instructions to configure and activate the paid market, go to: -mercado-pago-.html

03) After activating the Market Shipments in the Control Panel >> Modules >> Shipping >> Select Normal and Express Markets

Click the INSTALL button.

After clicking on the EDIT button

Obtain and Configure Client_Id and Secret by going to:

04) After clicking the UPDATE button

Note: In order to use the Shipments Market requires only activation of the Payment Payment module, it is not possible to activate another payment module to use the Shipments Market.

In order to calculate the value of the freight it is necessary to fill in the register / edit the product the measures length, width, height and weight.

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