How to activate / deactivate the discount module in shipping by type of shipping ?

01) Access the Control Panel

02) After login click Modules >> Orders

03) Select the option Discount by type of freight

04) Click the INSTALL button

05) After clicking on the EDIT button

06) Fill in and edit the fields:

The Sort Order field can not be in use with the same value already in use by another

Discount Percentage set the discount amount. Example: 50 (refers to 50% discount on freight amount). Fill only with numbers.

Minnimum Amount sets the minimum purchase value for the discount to be applied. Example: 50 (if the order reaches the value of 50 of your main currency, the discount on the freight amount will automatically be calculated). Fill only with numbers.

Shippint Type define the modules that will have discount on the freight value. Example: sedex, pac (refers to the name of the module in the system, you can get the names by accessing the control panel >> modules >> submissions).

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