Change Password

Through this option you can change the main password of your account.
It is important to make sure you close all existing windows that you have open from the control panel before changing the password.

1. Access your control panel under "Change Password"

2. On the next screen, in the first field, provide the current password.

3. Then fill in the next field with the new password. Note the "password strength" indicator. This feature helps you find a password that is difficult to decipher.

4. In the third field repeat the chosen password. Avoid copying and pasting the password entered in the previous field. The repetition of the password has the utility of avoiding the wrong typing.

5. Click "Change Password"

Protect your password:

    * Memorize your password, do not write it down.
    * Do not distribute your password.
    * Avoid using the same password for all usernames.
    * Do not provide your password to anyone for support.
    * Avoid accessing your account through public computers.
    * Change your password frequently

Tips for choosing a good password:

    * Avoid common words
    * Avoid familiar patterns (names, phone, dates, etc.)
    * Uses a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters
    * Use multiple characters (7+)

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