I transferred the value to the seller and the buyer requested cancellation or return, how to do?

01) Access the Control Panel

02) After login click Clients >> Orders

03) In the Filters will have option to select Transferred to the Seller or Requests that require moderation of the Administrator

04) In the list of orders will have a Marketplace column and with some comments

When you have This request has tracking code and shipping date and This order has already been transferred and you have been asked to cancel

05) Click Options >> Details

06) In the box of Products Sold you can have products from your store and sellers

Thoroughly analyze the options of brokerage communications between the seller and buyer, if both parties agree to verify the form of return of money with the buyer.

After the money has been returned if you have already transferred the amount to the seller, you will have the option to mark Transferred to Seller but Customer Returned and describe a comment for better control on this seller's product line.

Then click Refresh.

Note: In the next orders of this seller will appear an alert regarding this case, not to carry out the transfer due to have already done previously.
If the value is removed it is important to uncheck the option Transferred to the Seller but Customer Returned and describe in the comment that the amount was written down in a particular order.

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