Through the tool "Backups" the user can download a "zipped" copy of your entire site (home directory, databases, mail settings) or any specific directory of it. These are not automatically scheduled backups. Automatic backups need to be enabled by the administrator / server owner.

1. You can download or generate a full system backup of your site from 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. To do so, simply click on "Download or Generate a Full Website Backup".

2. You can also perform a weekly backup of your site without the need for a specific time. In this case, just click on "Weekly".

3. There is still the option to perform a partial backup, just click on "Personal Directory". In this option only the "home" directory is available for download.

If you have problems with "home" directory files and have a backup of it, you can restore the files to their original location.

4. In the same way that you can back up and restore the home directory, you can also do both in your MySQL database, in redirects, and in email filters.

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