How to register a new product?

01. Click on Catalog> Categories / Products

02. Double click on the category you want to register the product, and click on the New Product button after loading the Category page.

03. Fill in the required fields

Stock: Available or Unavailable or Pending

Stock Status: Immediate Delivery or Exhausted or Available in __ days or Under Consultation
To enable the Inventory Status option on the product page, click Configuration> Product Listing> Display Stock Status on Listings and Product Page> Click the Edit> True button to Enable and False to Disable.

Availability: (YYYY-MM-DD) Fill in the Pre-Sale case only, the date the product will be available.

Manufacturer: Select Manufacturer if required.
To register a manufacturer, click Catalog> Brands

VAT: Select only if you have rates

Products Price (Net): Fill for example if the product costs $ 150, fill only 150.00 (Use "." Instead of ",")
If you do not want the price to be displayed do not fill in the amount.

Plot: If you want to see the portion on the product page, View Parcela or Não Por Parcela

Options: Select the product option, by clicking the green + button you can add new options. The sub-options are automatically listed.

Description: Fill in the product description in detail.

Quantity: Quantity of product in stock.

Reference: Reference or product code.

Image Image: Image upload, ideal size should be 600x600 pixel, no need to upload the smaller image, the system automatically resizes the product image, according to Configuration> Images> Small Image Width and Small Image Height

XL Image 1: Image Upload 1
XL Image 2: Image Upload 2
XL Image 3: Image Upload 3
XL Image 4: Image Upload 4
XL Image 5: Image Upload 5
XL Image 6: Image Upload 6

URL: (without http: //) Product / manufacturer / brand page address, fill only if necessary

Weight: Product weight in kg, for example if the product weighs 70g, fill in as 0.70 (Use "." Instead of "comma")

Click the Preview button

04. On the next page, if all product data is correct, click Insert.


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