Product Listing Page Settings

Display Product Image: View Product Image

How many days to display new and updated button

Display Product Manufaturer Name: Display the manufacturer name of the product

Display Product Model: Display product model

Display Product Name: Display Product Name

Display Product Price: Display the price of the item

Display Product Quantity: Display product quantity

Display Product Weight: Display product stuck

Display Button Buy Now: Display the Buy Now Button

Display Category / Manufacturer Filter (0 = disable; 1 = enable): Display category / manufacturer

Location of Prev / Next Navigation Bar (1-top, 2-bottom, 3-both)
Number of columns per row: Number of columns per row

Style Border Products and Images: Border Style of Products and Images

Display Stock Status on Listings and Product Page: Display inventory status on listing and product pages

Display Calculate Shipping Price on Product Page: Display freete price calculation on product page

Display Button New on Listings: Display the new button in the list

Display Button Updated: Display the update button

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