How to generate and import the product feed for facebook products catalog?

01) Access the Control Panel

02) After login click on Store Feeds

03) On the Facebook Ads line click New File

04) Select the options and click Confirm

Note: If you want to generate the product feed in other languages ​​and currencies, access the links in the browser by changing the options:

currency = BRL = See in Locals> Currencies
language = br = See in Locals> Languages


05) After copying the xml link

06) Access:

07) Click Create Catalog

08) Fill in the Catalog Name and Choose Products Products sold online in Catalog Type. Click Create Catalog

09) Click + Add product feed

10) Fill in the fields: Feed name, Currency and Loading type: Scheduled recurring uploads. Click Next.

11) Fill in the fields Schedule Your Uploads, feed URL (paste the xml link copied).

Note: In Schedule Your Uploads if your upgrade is daily, choose the best time between 1am and 5am that has less traffic to avoid damaging your store and server performance.

12) Click Create Feed

Check out the facebook tutorial How to Create a Product Catalog in the Business Manager, go to:

Check out the facebook tutorial How to Create Dynamic Ads using the Product Catalog, go to:

Check out the facebook tutorial how to add a canvas from your product catalog, go to:

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