How to set up a filter for a single email account?

In addition to the filters that can be configured for all email accounts, they can be configured to filter according to individual rules for each user. If enabled, the feature applies the filtering rules after the main filters of the account.

1. Click the icon labeled "User Level Filtering."

2. On the next screen, on the line corresponding to the email account you want to apply a filter to, click the "Manage Filters" link.

3. Next, click the "Create a new filter" button.

4. Fill in the "Filter Name" field with a name for the rule you are creating.

5. Below is a field called "Rules", which is sub-divided into three other fields. In the first it is possible to choose it is possible to choose between diverse information of the message, such as:

    * In
    * Subject matter
    * For
    * Response Address
    * Message Body
    * Header
    * Not previously delivered
    * You have error message

6. In the second field, next to the first one, you can also choose from a series of options, such as:

    * Contains
    * Does not contain
    * Begins with
    * Ends with
    * Does not start with
    * Does not end with

7. Below, you must fill in the condition that must be verified by the above options.

8. Next, there is another field in which you can choose between the "Actions" that can be applied to the message, among which are:

    * Discard the Message
    * Redirect to E-Mail
    * Fail the message
    * Stop processing rules
    * Move to folder

9. As in the previous field, there is a second field to be populated with an email account for redirection or a folder to be moved the message.

10. Click the "Enable" button to complete.

So for example, if you choose the following combination:
Subject matter
Move to folder
Each message that contains the word proposed in your subject will be automatically moved to the folder named Prospects.

Note that unlike Account Level Filtering, this filter applies only to the chosen email account.

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